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 USB PIC Programmer with ICSP


Introduction: FD-UPP

PIC Programmer is an essential tool if you wish to learn or build a project that uses Microchip PIC Micro Processors such as DDS, Repeater Controllers and LCD Power Meter.

This programmer is built around Microchip’s PICKIT2 programmer, which is basically a surface mount, fully assembled, ready to use product. It’s called a “Kit” but it is not!! This one is a true kit for radio amateurs.

Benefit of making PICKIT based programmer for amateur radio is further supported by freely downloadable PICKIT2 software for windows. Microchip keeps this software updated for new devices that they launch.

In this project, to make it simple, I have removed the voltage level change capability of firmware for VDD 3V. Means, this programmer will only program 5V PIC Micros.

Project uses a PIC16F2550 in 28pin DIP package. All diodes are standard lead type & FETs are either in TO92 or HEXDIP packages, to make assembly smooth & easy.

Kit is supplied with FD-PB1 Programming board. PB1 uses standard IC Sockets for 40, 28, 8,14, 20 & 18PIN DIP PIC Micros.

In view to make a suitable metal case for this programmer, FD-UPP has two headers H1 & H2, which will be used by “piggy back” Programming board I will design later.

For complete intro on PICKIT2, documents & PC software, please visit: Microchip's PICKIT2 Web Page

USB FD-UPP PIC Programmer:

Click the picture to enlarge



Adaptor Board:

FD-UPP KIT is also available with PB1, a simple programming adepter board with standard IC sockets.

On this board we have different sockets to accommodate various types of PICs.  It accepts 8, 14, 18, 20, 28 and 40 PIN DIP PIC Micro Controllers.

Picture of the Programming Adaptor Board:



 FD-UPP Programmer Documents & Schematics
FD-UPP PIC Programmer
FD-UPP KIT Parts List
Schematic JPG
UPP Firmware


 Programmer Software
 Visit Microchip's PICKIT2 Web Page for latest PC software:

FD-UPP Complete Kit

No Longer Available
Kit Packing List
UPP PCBs may be  available from our shop at foxdelta.net Visit Foxdelta.net




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