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PIC16F876A Dual LCD Thermometer
PIC18F4520 Multi-Purpose Sensor System Controller


  PIC 16F876A LCD Dual Thermo Meter:


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PIC16F876A based LCD Temperature measurement project was planned to measure two Temperatures Simultaneously. It can be effectively used to measure your room temperature and may be for measuring RF Amplifier Temp.  I made this project for a friend who wanted to measure inside & outside temp in a Vegetable cold storage. It has been working very accurately and reliably for couple of years.

In addition to LCD display, TH1 also produces DATA Logger output available at D9F connector which may be used for recoding temperature data.

The Hardware is quite simple using a PIC16F876A & its two 10bit A/D measuring inputs. Temperature sensors are tiny 3 terminal TMP36 from Analog Devices. However, any other sensors with similar data may be used. 

Accurate reference is created by using MCP1525 from Microchip, which is a 2.5V reference. Sensor volatges are also prduced by using similar type of Microchip Sensor MCP1541 which is a 4.096V reference.

Data-Logger output is routed thru MAX232 type of RS232 level shifter to D9F connector. A serial cable is required to connect to PC's COM port.

Sensor Kit:

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Two sensors may be used. Sensors are in TO92 package and an extension board is provided with Kits with a 1M RJ45 cable. Sensors are connected to extension board by way of screw terminals.

A simple two core shielded cable (2 wires in center and a shielding braid) may be used. However any three core cable without shield may also work well.


LCD Dual Temp Meter:


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 FD-TH1  Doc & Schematic:

Technical Info Doc
Schematic JPG
Schematic & Parts List
 Data Sheets & Firmware Download


TMP 36
PIC16F876A Firmware



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