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 Amateur Radio Satellite Operation


  PIC 16F688 Satellite Tracking Interface
PIC16F688 Satellite Tracker Interface: ST1
PIC16F84A LCD 2x16 Satellite Tracking Interface: ST3
Advanced Satellite Tracking Interface: ST2


 Advanced PIC16F84A LCD Satellite Tracking Interface




The ST1 kit/project was designed as an affordable alternative for radio amateurs and schools, to generate interest in satellite communications, and bring space technology into the classroom.  

However, keeping in mind expectations of the many home brewers' who wanted an interface where there was a possibility to "see" Present Position of the Antenna and wanted to know "what is happening between PC & Rotor!!", ST3 was born out of this requirements in mind.

It provides hardware & firmware to interface satellite tracking software with Yaesu rotators, for automatic antenna azimuth and elevation control.

This kit/project greatly simplifies ham radio contact with astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS), through a program called Amateur Radio in the International Space Station (ARISS). (Detailed ARISS contact and other relevant information about ARISS can be found at: http://www.arrl.org/ARISS/ )

Satellite communication is generally viewed as an expensive endeavor by most hams. Those who buy expensive equipment to show-off their capability further dilute the charm of satellite operation. With some home brewing efforts, excellent results can be achieved at very low cost.


Project Bases:  

Project PCB was designed on a PTH PCB measuring 5 x 10cm. Interface supports Server Easycom and Yaesu GS-232.

The Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface is targeted to interface Yaesu rotators to your PC running either a NOVA for Windows or SatPC software.

Project uses LTC1298 SOIC 12bit A/D chip and a PIC16F84A. SMD chip (LTC) will be supplied pre-soldered on all kits and assembled. Interface takes its power from Yaesu Controller. A Free DIN8 Plug is supplied with kits/Assembled.

A few, fully assembled & tested units are being offered at the moment followed by kits getting ready within a month.


Picture of the Completed ST3:

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LCD Removed:

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LCD Display

It is very important that you study well your Rotor Controller for compatibility with this interface. There are few utilities for Flip operation etc which may be downloaded from this Web page.


Schematics, Details & Parts List:
ST3 Tech Info Doc. Tech Info Doc for ST1
ST3 Schematic & Parts List Schematic of ST1: Satellite Tracking Interface
ST3 Schematic - JPG JPG
Setup Guide for SatPC32

Schematic of ST1: Satellite Tracking Interface

ST3 to Yaesu Rotor Cable Connection Guide

ST3 SETUP guide for G5500 by G0WXJ

ST3 KIT Parts List

Schematic of ST1: Satellite Tracking Interface

Data Sheet LTC1298

Schematic of ST1: Satellite Tracking Interface

 Rotator Manuals
Yaesu G5500 Manual

Yaesu Rotators

G5500 Front & Back View
G5500 Inter-connection diagram
Yaesu G5400-G5600 Manual

Yaesu Rotators

ST3 Firmware & Utilities

Nova for Windows



 Controlling Software for your PC
Nova for Windows

Nova for Windows



AMSAT Satellite Software




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