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 USB Remote Switch


  PIC 18F2550 Remote USB Switch:




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With all of the interest in Remote station control & operation these days, it would be nice to have a simple, inexpensive,  method to remotely control  items in your hamshack.  

The FoxDelta RUS-1112 Remote USB Switch utilizes an 18F2550 PIC, connected to a ULN 2803 Buffer, driving eight small PCB Relays. Each Form A relay circuit is rated for 30vdc/2A and 120vac/1A. Power is supplied by your computer’s USB port . No external power source is required.

Four onboard Dual LEDs provide a local indication of the relay status’. In addition, a manual Reset push button is located on the rear of the unit, should it ever be needed. 

Installation is straight forward; Simply, plug the “Remote USB Switch” to an unused USB port on your computer, load a small application program made by Tony/I2TZK to your Desktop, and you are ready to go.  

The small PC application program graphically depicts the status of each of the switch positions. Internal memory in the Remote USB Switch remembers switch settings even when the application program is closed, or in the event of a power failure.  If a power failure occurs, the switch settings will be restored when power returns. Most PCs continue to provide USB power even when turned off.

Remote Control of your computer can easily be accomplished using either “TEAMVIEWER” or  “LOGMEIN”, which have Free download versions.  These programs allow you to remotely access your home PC and the FoxDelta Remote USB Switch application program.  

Remote USB Switch is now compatible with PstRotatorAZ by YO3DMU. Details :

The  applications for use of this device are almost limitless and basically whatever  the user can dream up. For example; Integrating the switch with a commercial antenna switch will let you change antennas from anywhere you happen to be.  Using the small reed relays to control larger relays would allow you to turn on/off power supplies, equipment, control audio control circuits, and many other devices.

Hope you enjoy your NEW Fox Delta “Remote USB Switch”

Completed PIC18F2550 Remote USB Switch:

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Top View of USB Switch:

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 FD-RUS-1212 Doc & Schematic:

Technical Info Doc
Schematic & Parts List
Schematic JPG


 Firmware/Software Download and Data Sheets
PIC18F2550 FW 1.02
PC Software by Tony/I2TZK
PstRotor Satellite Antenna Tracking Software by YO3DMU:
PstRotator Software can be used to control Remote USB Switch

Click image to Visit YO3DMU  Webpage

 PstRotor intro: 
 PstRotatorAZ Interface details:





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