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 Amateur Station Accessories
 Parallel Port Microchip PIC Micro Controller Programmer

PIC Programmer is an essential tool if you wish to learn or build projects with Microchip PIC Micro Processors.

This programmer is built using Free Windows Software called WinPicProg and other similar software from PICALLW or Oshosoft

Programmer PCB is double sided PTH board. In this programmer, you have a 0.3 Inch IC socket (40pin) on the main board, where you can place either 8, 18 or 28pin ICS for programming. An adaptor PCB with male/Female header is supplied with this kit for 40pin DIP. (without 40pin DIL Socket) 

However, make sure that you insert PIC ICs at the proper location on this 40Pin socket. Suitable markings of placement are made on the PCB.

I have included required hardware settings in the DOC for Oshonsoft parallel programming software


Warning: This programmer is controlled from Parallel Printer Port of your PC. 

If you keep Micro-controller chip on this powered programmer & try to PRINT from any application,  it would damage the micro-controller. Apply power to this programmer only after running the programming software.



Picture of the PIC Programmer KIT with Standard Socket:

Click the picture to enlarge


To use this programmer, all you require is 12-18V AC Adaptor and a cable to connect to the parallel port of your computer. 

 Programmer Documents & Schematics

Programmer Document
Schematic & Parts List
Schematic JPG

Parallel PIC Programmer BMP ZIP



 Free Programming Software
OSHONSOFT - Free Windows Parallel Port PIC Programming Software by Vladimir Soso.


Visit Oshonsoft

Download Free Software for PIC16Fxx

Download Free Software for PIC18Fxx


Odyssey 0.4 Software for LINUX

PICALL - Free programming software


Visit PICALL Website
P16PRO DOS software ver 3.64 September 2000 works also under Windows 3.1x and 9x


P16PRO DOS LIGHT software ver 1.0 April 1999 is provided as FREEWARE, but only for private, non-commercial use !!! (that means at home). You may also use windows software in P16PRO FREE MODE for programming PIC16x84x.

WINPICPRO - Free programming software for MicroChip PICs by Nigel Goodwin.

Please refer to Product Doc for settings for this software

Visit WINPICPRO Website
Download Winpicpro


Download Drivers


 Buy Kits & PCBs On-Line


Kits no longer available.


If you still need a Parallel Port PIC Programmer, consider ICP Programmer

PCB  may be available at our shop at foxdelta.net Visit Foxdelta.net


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