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 Amateur Radio RF Measurements:


  PM4 is an Infinity Group Project:

Fox Delta Project "INFINITY"

Click above image to know more about INFINITY Project Concept


 Dual Channel 500MHZ RF Meter: PM4


A Project by:

Tony / I2TZK

Frank / K7SFN 

Dinesh / VU2FD


Dual Channel 500MHz RF Meter: Graphic CPU

Graphic CPU used in PM4 is a a core of our "INFINITY" Project and is developed keeping in mind that we use same CPU/LCD/Hardware for various Purposes or Projects, saving a lot of money in hardware. 

This is important for homebrewers because  RF measurement some times, is only a one time a  month (or a year!) requirement in a Radio Room!!

PM4 is designed to work as a standalone unit. A PC program may be available in future from Tony/I2TZK.

PM4 is a dual channel 500MHZ RF Meter, designed in two parts, interconnected by a D9 Male to Male Cable (usually supplied with Graphic LCD/CPU KIT):

1. Graphic CPU and

2. Sensor unit with 2 X AD8307 Log amplifiers

PM4 Graphic CPU-0613:

Graphic CPU: 128X64

Click above picture for larger view

PM4 Sensor Board with 2 X AD8307s:

500MHZ RF Sensor with 2xAD8307

Click above picture for larger view


PM4 RF Meter Hardware Details:

"Fox Delta INFINITY" Graphic CPU with PIC18F4550
Graphic CPU hardware details:
128 x 64 Graphic LCD with Back light control  
DC12V or USB Powered 
Expansion slot for relays and alarms (FRC16)
8 DIP Switches for CPU Configuration


RF Measurement Sensor has Two AD8307s and BNC Connectors


Powder Coated Free Cases for CPU and Sensor.



 PM4:  Tech Information Documents


PM4 Tech info document PM4: 500MHZ RF POWER Meter with Graphic LCD
PM4 Graphic CPU Firmware Document by Tony/I2TZK PM4 Firmware by Tony/I2TZK
Graphic CPU-0613 Schematic JPG
Graphic CPU-0613 Tech Info Doc 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
Graphic CPU-0613 Kit Parts List 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document


PM4 Sensor Board kit Parts List 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
PM4 Sensor Board Schematic JPG
PM4 Calibration Procedure by K7SFN

0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document

 Useful Information Documents and Links
Mini-Circuit DBm to Volt Table

DBm to Voltage Conversion Chart

 PM4 PIC Firmware User Document
PM4 User Document by I2TZK 

0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document


PM4 PIC18F4550 Firmware for Graphic CPU V1.02

Visit I2TZK Web Site


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PM4: GCPU-0613 and Sensor Combo Complete Kits  Being revised
GCPU-0613 complete kit with Free Case

PM4 Sensor board complete kit with 2XAD8307 and a free Case.




Graphic CPU and Sensor board are also available separately for experimenters

IN Stock
PM4 Sensor Board Kit with free case 20.00

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Sensor board kit parts list
Includes 2XAD8307 on DIP Carrier

FD-GCPU-0613 Complete Kit with Free case 55.00 Being Revised
Kit Parts List


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