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 Amateur Radio Frequency Measurements:


 0-500MHZ RF Power Measurement:
 0-500MHZ LCD Power Meter with Data Logger


Two versions of PM3A Kits are available:

PM3A: RS232


PM3 RS232 and USB : End of project

Please consider PM3 or PM5 LCD RF Meter


 PM3A RS232 


PM3A RS232 kits has a remote, cable connected sensor board. Sensor board has two AD8307 DIP Package. AD8307s are not included with kits





PM3A USB kits are Single Board kits and includes one channel of RF measurement. AD8307 in SO8 is included and is pre-soldered on board. Its available with USB PC connectivity module (FTDI232RL chip) as an option.  

USB Connectivity Add-on module is only required for extracting data from PM3a to PC.

Board has facility to add another channel of A/D by way of adding one more AD8307 SO8 and associated SMT capacitors and resistors. This is not supported by kits and available to experienced users looking for second channel for POLAR Plotter type of PC Software.




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