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 Amateur Radio Frequency Measurements:


0-500MHZ LM3914 RF Power Meter:

New PM1A project is here.........



RF Measurement has been an expensive work so far the cost of measuring instruments are concerned.

Although, the other project, PM2, is hot favorite among radio amateurs for RF Measurement, I wanted something smaller & more economical for measurement of RF Signals.

In this project a quality Double Sided PTH Board is used measuring only 3cm x 10cm in size. 

Same good old AD8307 from Analog Devices is used (DIP Package) for basic RF measurement up to 500MHZ from -70dbm to +10dbm. 

However instead of using a PIC and LCD, I am using a simple LM3914 Bar Graph IC for display of db levels.


Schematic has one error where D2 is inverted. Silk on PCB is correct.

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Schematics, Details & Parts List:
PM1 Power Meter Schematic and Tech info Doc 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
PM1 Power Meter Schematic JPG
Error: D2 inverted
Project Datasheet 

Analog Device AD8307 Datasheet

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