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  PB2:  Programming Adaptor Board with ZIF Sockets



This programming Board is designed to be used with Serial, ICP and USB programmers detailed elsewhere on this site.

PB2 board is similar to PB1 but contains ZIF sockets with 20Pin, 18Pin & 40Pin. (18pin socket may be substituted by 20pin ZIF in Kits, as 18pin ZIF are unavailable at times)

20Pin socket is used for programming of 8pin, 14pin & 20pin PIC Micro Controllers.

18pin ZIF is dedicated to 18pin PICs.

40pin ZIF covers 28 and 40pin PIC Micros.

PB2 kits are now available with one 20/18 PIN ZIF, One 40PIN ZIF or 2x20 & 1x40PIN ZIFs. In addition to this, you may also order PB2 with Standard IC Sockets.

Basic Kit contain LVP pull-down switches for those trying to program PICs with LVP, 4 0.1uf ceramic capacitors, a 10K LVP resistor and 6 PIN R/A Male header.


Serial , ICP and FD-UPP Programmers:

This board is 100% compatible with FD-ICPFD-SPP and FD-UPP Programmers


Interface to PICKIT2:

This board is pin compatible with PICKIT2 & FD-UPP programmers. You may use this programming board to program 8, 12, 18, 20, 28 & 40 pin PIC Micro Controllers.


Picture of the Programming Adaptor Board: PB2

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 Programming Adaptor Board
PB2: Programming Adaptor Board Kit Parts List


Schematic JPG



Make your own boards: Gerber Files in RS274X & Top Layer Picture


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PB2 Programming Adapter Board KIT PCBs out of stock
Kit Parts Not likely to be reproduced
PB2 PCB may be available from our shop at foxdelta.net Visit Foxdelta.net


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