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  PB1.2 :: Programming Adaptor Board



This programming Board is designed to be used with Serial, ICP and USB programmers detailed elsewhere on this site.

In view to keep cost low, board contains simple DIP sockets of 20Pin, 18Pin, 28Pin & 40Pin.

20Pin socket may be used for programming of 8pin, 14pin & 20pin PIC Micro Controllers.

18, 28 and 40pin sockets are specific to such PICs.


New PB1.2: Revised PCBs : 12th Dec 07

In my new run of PCBs, I have 20, 18, 28 and 40pin DIP sockets. I have also amended 0.1uf Tantalum capacitors by 0.1uf ceramic.

I have added LVP selector, a 4 position slide switch, for those working with Low Voltage Programming, where a pull-down is required. LVP pull-down resistor may be selected by user on Specific Chip socket for specific purpose. 


Interface to ART2003 Programmer:

In view to extend various PICs, hhis programming board may be used with FD-ART2003 Parallel Port Programmer detailed elsewhere. However, you will have to do external wiring between two boards yourself.


Serial & ICP Programmers:

This board is 100% compatible with FD-ICP and FD-SPP Programmers


Interface to PICKIT2:

This board is pin compatible with PICKIT2 & PICKIT2 USB programmers. You may use this programming board to program 8, 12, 18, 20, 28 & 40 pin PIC Micro Controllers.


Picture of the Programming Adaptor Board: PB1.2

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 Programming Adaptor Board
Programming Adaptor Board Schematic & Parts List


Schematic JPG


 Programming Adaptor Board PCB Gerber Files
Want to make your own PCB? Here are the Gerber files for Double Sided PTH PCB in RS274X



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