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 PIC 18F4550 RF Power Amplifier Controller

PAC: PIC18F4550 LCD RF Power Amplifier Controller

 PAC: PIC18F4550 4x20 LCD RF Power Amplifier Controller
Project by:

Antonio Alfinito / I2TZK

Frank Dziurda / K7SFN 

Dinesh Gajjar / VU2FD

Preliminary Project Information


RF Power Amplifier Controller is a PIC18F4550 project and is designed for radio amateurs looking for some boost to their 10W radios.

Project is designed for combining 4 RF Power Blocks with Input Splitter and Output Combiner to obtain high power from economical transistor blocks consisting IRF510 Type FETs.

Interesting features of this project:

1. LCD 4x20

2. 3 Button Menu Operation

3. Generates Band Relay info.

4. RF Activated. Generates PTT for RF Modules

5. Supports 4 of i2C type remote Sensors

6. RF Power Output and SWR Measurement to 1KW

7. RF Input Measurement (Max. 10W)

8. Over Voltage, Current, Temp, SWR Warnings

9. Designed for 4 RF Amplifier Modules with input splitter and output combiner

10. PIC Firmware by Tony/I2TZK

More info coming soon


Completed Power Amplifier Controller: PAC-0812



Coming Soon


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 PAC-0812 Schematic & Documents:
PAC-0812 CPU  Not Ready!
  PAC- Sensor Board Not Ready!
CPU Board Schematic & Parts List
Sensor Board Schematic and Parts List Not Ready!  
PAC-0812 Schematic    



PA Sensor Board

Not Ready! JPG
FRC16 and 34 PIN-OUT
MCP1525 -2.5
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Power Amplifier Controller CPU

PAC -0812 CPU KIT Coming Soon
Kit Parts List for PAC-0812

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