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 Solid State 0-30MHZ RF Power Amplifiers using MRF455



Radio amateurs, especially those who make QRP transmitters or exciters, are always looking for a linear amplifier to get more RF Output.

I made this project about 6 years back and bought plenty of MRF455 from RF Parts Co. I made a PTH PCB and also bought necessary Toroidal cores from Amidon. I wanted to make a linear for local QRP group but they never completed their project.

Here I have place technical information, Schematic for this project with a partial kit made available in small quantity at lowest possible cost. Kit cost basically comprise of transistors & Toroids. PCB is supplied free of charge.

Picture of the PCB with Partial Kit Parts:
                   MRF455 Linear Partial Kit

Click the picture to enlarge


Circuit Details:

Download Scanned copy of Original Article


Schematic & PCB are based on an article in ARRL Handbook 1981-3 detailing MRF454 Linear amplifier construction by K7ES. In my PCB, the change I have made is using a DIP 723 in place of G package which was not available to me at that time and include a PTT control by way of a PNP switch. Please refer to original article for more details on this project.
More details are also available in documents given below.
Partial Kit:
Partial kit contains Toroidal Cores from Amidon, 2 pieces of MRF455 and a PCB. I have about 16 PCBs at the moment. I bought these toroids from Amidon in large quantity & present prices may be bit high. This kits are only available till my stock of cores & MRF455 clears.


You may use MRF454 on this PCB since original design is for MRF454. All Toroids are suitable for handling MRF454 Power Levels. 

You can buy MRF454 from RF PARTS Co.

 Schematic & Technical Information
MRF455 Amplifier Document 
Datasheets for Project Parts
Schematic in JPG 
Schematic in ZIP 




All Kits sold out. No plan to restock.
PCB May be available from 

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