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 Parallel Port PIC Programmer with ICP

Introduction: FD-ICP

In addition to Simple Parallel port PIC Programmer detailed elsewhere on this site, I wanted a Parallel port PIC Programmer with ICP output socket. This project came to my mind from a concept by OziPic’er.

This programmer is built for Free Windows Software called WinPicProg developed by Nigel Goodwin and uses a 74HC14 instead of 74LS05 used on other parallel port programmers.

Programmer PCB is double sided PTH board, 6CM X 8CM and has a 6 Pin Female ICP output connector with pin connections exactly same as PICKIT2 of Microchip.

An adaptor suitable for 8, 14, 18, 20, 28 & 40 Pin PIC Micro Controllers is available to use with this ICP Programmer.

It should be noted that even though, all kind of PIC Micro Controllers may be accepted by Adaptor board, only those supported by software might be programmed.


You require a 12-18V AC or 14-18VDC power supply. When connected, an LED labeled, as “Power” will light. Indicates that 13.2V is now available on board. This is Vpp supply used for programming.

Run WINPICProg software on your PC to check out if rest of the hardware is functioning well. Vdd LED will light when Vdd (Target Power) check box is ticked on software window. Similarly, Vpp lights may be tested by selecting appropriate devices.

Although, Vpp & Vpp2 are generated separately by software, they are combined within the hardware to produce a single Vpp for ICP connector. Q6 is used for Vpp reset.  

Compatibility with OS:

This is a Parallel Port PIC programmer and is duly tested on Win98. If you decide to make or buy this programmer and want it to use with XP/Vista etc, please ensure that you understand your OS very well. I wont be in a position to support for questions related to Port configuration etc for specific OS. For XP/Vista etc please look for a suitable USB PIC Programmer.

Picture of the Parallel Port ICP PIC Programmer:



Click the picture to enlarge


Adaptor Board:

This board is required if you wish to program PIC Micro Processors not fitted in circuit boards already.

On this board we have different sockets to accommodate various types of PICs.  

Picture of the Programming Adaptor Board:

Click to enlarge


 Programmer Documents & Schematics
Parallel Port ICP PIC Programmer
Schematic & Parts List
Schematic JPG


 Programmer Software
WINPICPROG - Free programming software by Nigel Goodwin.

Visit WINPICPROG Website

Winpicprog settings for this programmer


Download Winpicprog

Download Drivers

PICALL - Free programming software

Visit PICALL Website

Parallel Port Programming Software for LINUX

OSHONSOFT - Free Windows Parallel Port PIC Programming Software by Vladimir Soso.



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