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 Amateur Radio Frequency Measurements:


 0-500MHZ RF Power Measurement:
RF Dummy Load for 50 Ohms / 10W




Low power RF measurement is of vital interest when you require a transmitter to be terminated into a 50 Ohms load and simultaneously require a small rectified voltage for measurement of RF Level.

This 10cm x 2.75cm double sided PTH board contains 20 resistors in two banks each of 2K/0.25W to get 50 ohms at around 10W of maximum power. It is expected to work upto about 500MHZ with very low SWR.

At 50 ohms Terminated level, a diode rectifier and an RF bypass capacitor develops DC voltage for further measurement. A PM2 or more economical PM1 or even a simple Digital meter may be used for measurement of output DC voltages.

For those looking for Direct RF 50 Ohms Terminated measurement, diode D1 my be omitted along with associated capacitor/Resistor and either connect HOT RF to measurement connector (J2) or use a blocking capacitor (in place of Diode) of suitable value and connect an RF measurement unit such as PM1 or PM2 to J2.


Picture of the Completed RF Power Meter:

Fox Delta DL50-10 Dummy Load

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Schematics, Details & Parts List:
DL50/10 Dummy Load Doc 0-500MHZ RF Sensor Document
DL50/10 Schematic JPG
Project Datasheet 

Analog Device AD8307 Datasheet



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