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 PIC Audio Frequency Generator



  PIC 18F4550 Audio Frequency Generator


A Project by:



AUDIO GENERATOR main features :


 Smart and very cheap hardware implementation

 Free firmware and software for the Ham Radio Community

 Generate standard sine, sawtooth and square wave from 10Hz to 50KHz

 Generate two tones for cat-eye SSB test

 Generate AFSK tones (2125/2295 Hz)

 Generate white and pink noise

 Generate arbitrary waveform

 Special PC program allows to design custom waveforms and upload the generator memory

PIC18F4550 based Audio Generator project implements a Digital Direct Synthesizer (DDS), a type of frequency synthesizer used for creating arbitrary waveforms from a single, fixed-frequency reference clock.

In its simplest form this particular circuit configuration can be implemented from a precision clock reference, an address counter, a programmable memory, and a D/A converter


Completed PIC18F4550 Audio Frequency Generator:

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PCB Top View:

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 FD-AFG-0113 Doc & Schematic:

Technical Info Doc
Schematic & Parts List
Schematic Part 1 JPG
Schematic Part 2 JPG


 Data Sheets & Firmware Download


PIC18F4550 Firmware V1.04 by Tony / I2TZK
Audio Generator PC Software V1.04 by Tony / I2TZK



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