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  Astronomy: Astro Clock 


PIC16F877A Astro Clock
20.1 MHZ Radio Astronomy Receiver with LCD & A/D
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 PIC16F877A Astro Clock

Astro Clock


After making Galileo Receiver for Jupiter observation, I have been looking for a various PIC based projects for a suitable, simple clock for Astro timings. I came across one built by Alex which uses PIC16F877A. I decided to make one for my own purpose and place the project here to help others build it.

You may visit Alex's web site for more info but I try to provide information related to my own design and assembly of Astro Clock  

Astro Clock is a multi-purpose time keeping device::

  1. Uses single PIC16F877A for calculations
  1. It has 16 timers that can be independently paused and restarted, and can run forward or backward.
  1. 16 alarms with configurable sounds and actions
  1. Timers can show Earth, Mars, Jupiter, etc. times at the same time
  1. Simultaneous 24-hour and Julian-time decimal display on 16x2 LCD
  1. All changes in configuration can be done from the device's 4X4 keyboard - no computer necessary.
  1. External 12VDC or internal 9V rechargeable battery power.
  1. Front panel alarm audio, LCD brightness POTs and Reset button.
  1. While on Battery, LCD is put off to save power



 Astro Clock

Front View

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Open View

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4X4 Keyboard

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 Astro Clock Documents & Schematic
Technical Information Doc.   


Schematic  JPG


Setup information
Coming Soon


Project Parts List & Schematic


PIC16F877A Firmware


 Link for Radio Astronomy Clock
Alex's Web Site


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