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FD-UPP: PIC18F2550 USB PIC Programmer

Parallel Port PIC Programmer

Serial Port PIC Programmer - FD-SPP

Parallel Port ICP PIC Programmer - FD-ICP

No Power, Parallel Port Programmer for PIC 18Fxxx

PB2: Programming Board with ZIF Sockets

Programming Adaptor Board for FD-SPP/ICP/UPP



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  PIC 18Fxxx Programmer need no power!!



Developed specifically for programming of PIC 18F2550 micro controllers, this parallel port, no-power, programmer is the smallest of all programmers ever built.

A DB25 Male Connector, one capacitor and a resistor makes this Port Powered programmer.

Programmer takes its power from Parallel Port pins 2-9. VPP for this programmer is 5V and hence "LVP" must be selected in programming software. (See art2003 screen shot Document given below)

I built this programmer to write firmware (boot loader) into my PIC18F2550 which I wanted for my PICKIT2 inspired USB programmer.

A free windows based program called WINPIC800 V.3.59 is available for free download. This software is not intended for this programmer alone, you may use it for many other programmers including few detailed here on this website.

Although, programmer socket is wired for PIC18F250 & 2550, other PICs with similar pin connections may be programmed. You may also wire your own socket for different type of PIC if the same is supported in the WINPIC800 (under Art2003 selection). 

And there is always a possibility to use Programming Adaptor board wired to this programmer to get larger acceptance of various PICs. 

This programmer is designed on a 6cm X 4cm Doubled Sided PTH Board.


Picture of the PIC 18Fxxx Parallel Port PIC Programmer:


Click the picture to enlarge

 Programmer Documents & Schematics
Parallel Port PIC 18Fxxx Programmer Details, Schematic & Parts List.


Original ART2003 Doc & Screen Shots
Schematic JPG



 Programmer Software & PCB Gerber Files
Free Windows Programming Software Winpic800 V.3.59

Want to make your own PCB? Here are the Gerber files for Double Sided PTH PCB









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